• Metropolis Magazine designated Toronto as the world's most livable city in 2015.

  • Toronto Life named our community one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods

  • Toronto is home to people from 160 counties speaking more than 100 distinct languages

  • The Economist magazine named Toronto the world’s most livable city in 2015

  • Scarborough is on the leading edge of Toronto’s march toward greater cultural and economic diversity.


Culture is an Economic Powerhouse

Toronto’s thriving arts and culture sector is a key economic driver and a major reason companies, and people, choose Toronto as their home. Because of culture’s profound impact on the livability and attractiveness of our City, supporting it is a major focus of the Economic Development & Culture Division. As Chair of the Economic Development Committee, Councillor Thompson has worked to create a new culture plan for Toronto, establish new cultural links with other major cities, rejuvenate cooperation throughout the arts and culture sector and inject energy into our performing arts.

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